Single PC streaming: explained and simplified

Single PC streaming: explained and simplified

Ever wanted to stream gameplay from a single PC?

Ever tried and failed?

In this video, I will show how you can utilize a single PC to stream and game simultaneously. I have seen big name streamers try and fail at single PC streaming, I have also seen streamers with incredible gear fail in the same way, and give up without fully under the potential of their hardware.

There's no need to buy a second PC when all you need is to make better use of existing components or extend your machine's capabilities. While I 100% believe multi-PC setups are the way to go for the best overall stream, I’ll also be the first to tell you they’re expensive, and in many cases, not necessary.

Watch the above video for an explination on how I'm streaming from a single desktop, and diving into a world of dedicated encoders and talking about its performance characteristics. We'll also show everything streaming in real-time, on the desktop, in a windowed environment, recording this very video.

Interesting times inbound!

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