Extra Weather Stripping for the Model 3

Extra Weather Stripping for the Model 3

Here's a quick run-down of the GOLOHO Door Seal Kit for Tesla Model 3. I ordered it off Amazon after doing a bit of research on which door seal kit was the best bang for the buck, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase.


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The box comes with everything needed for a perfect install. The installation instructions has a simple "paint by numbers guide" which is easy to follow. While I found the instructions to be easy to understand, the text within them was written then Google Translated into English; they're not perfect. However, with the pictures in the pamphlet everything is super simple to understand.

Once I un-boxed the product, I set it out and let it acclimate for around 24 hours. I did this so that that rubber didn't stink up my car when I installed it.

I wont go into how I did the actual install, that would be SUPER boring. The whole thing is clean, apply adhesion promoter (super clean), peal, stick, repeat. While I feel like the emboldened text gets the point across, you MUST CLEAN the areas where the weather stripping will be applied. If you don't CLEAN appropriately, the self-adhesive will not stick properly resulting in it failing to bond or falling off later.

Here's the installed product on the A Pillar.

Yes the picture is rotated sideways, sorry...

Here's the installed product on the B Pillar.

Note, On the B Pillar I cut the weather stripping at the point on the door where the door edge wraps. I did this so that the seals are only stuck to the door where there there are points of contact.

Here's the installed product on the front door.

While noted as "optional", I decide to simply not cover any part of the drain hole. The extra weather strip at the bottom covers a lot of surface area and is still extremely effective, I just thought it best not to mess with the drainage.


Here's the installed product on the back door.

The back door was by far the easiest seal to install. The weather strip is all the flexible and contours perfectly to the door.

Just like the front door, I opt'd to not block any part of the drainage holes.

After installing the kit and driving around for about two weeks I can say with confidence that the kit didn't make anything magically quieter. At high speed I feel like there might be a difference, however, I don't have any scientific equipment to say one way or another; In my opinion, The Model 3 is already pretty damn quite.

While the cabin isn't as quiet as death, the door seals better a lot better. I have noticed that there's a lot less dust and debris in the door well. Another nice side effect of these extra door seals is there's an audible improvement when the door is closed. It has a nicer "clunk" which is kinda like an ASMR experience every time I close the door.

So for the final verdict, is the GOLOHO Door Seal Kit for Tesla Model 3 was worth a purchase. In a word, yes. It's less than $40, the install was easy, fun, and seems so far effective. So in my unprofessional opinion I would recommend it for Model 3 owners in search of a dealthy quite cabin, in need of some additional ASMR in their life, or the enthusiest looking to burn some cash and have some fun tinkering.