Installing VidyoDesktop on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Installing VidyoDesktop on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Many companies are using the VidyoDesktop application for teleconferencing and in what seems like an amazing turn of events VidyoDesktop supports Linux. Sadly the Vidyo packages for Linux are a little suspect and have a few issues that have to be handled in order to get the package properly installed.

To get VidyoDesktop installed go to your companies VC portal to download the latest client. If you don't have access to your corporate VC portal or if the client being offered by the VC portal is crazy old you can grab the latest supportable Vidyo Client from the demo URL found here. At the time of this writing the cert being used at that URL was self-signed so you will need to accept the certificate to continue.

Once you've downloaded the client drop into a terminal and install the package.

# NOTE: that the version will change over time so change the package name to the correct version.
sudo zypper in ~/Downloads/VidyoDesktopInstaller-sl564-TAG_VD_3_6_3_017.rpm

When you try to install this package it's going to want to fail due to package dependency problems. The package libXScrnSaver is nowhere to be found and while zypper will tell you that the package will break however there are no issues with simply selecting option 2 to "ignore some of its dependencies".

Once the package is installed you'll need to install one more package which is not listed in the VidyoDesktop client's dependencies. The missing package is zenity which can be installed using the following commands:

sudo zypper in zenity

Once you've installed that package you can execute the VidyoDesktop command via the CLI or through a launcher within your DE and it will all work.