Adding Spell checking to Konversation

Adding Spell checking to Konversation

If you're using KDE and need an IRC client Konversation is a fantastic application that can do just that. The GUI driven IRC client it's near perfect out the box. The one thing that simply doesn't want to work is spell checking on the input line. You can enable spell checking according to the config when you right click on the bar however it will not work until you install a couple of packages and add a configuration block for [ASpell] to you're global KDE config. The packages needed are aspell and aspell-en.

Installing the packages on OpenSUSE

zypper in aspell aspell-en

Now add the config to the following file(s) should have them on the system: ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals, and ~/.config/kdeglobals.


With those additions, quit Koversation and restart it. When the application has restarted right click on the input bar and click the check boxes for auto-spell and allow tabulations and then select a language. After that, everything will work as flawlessly.