Getting access to a telnet console on IPv6

Within the OpenStack infra system we're now seeing gate jobs run on clouds using IPv6 as the public interface; The Rackspace and Intel cloud (OSIC) is one such environment. This means that if you're like me, you watch the gate like a crazy person, and you're on an ISP that doesn't offer IPv6 access, streaming jobs via a telnet console using an IPv6 network is impossible especially from a browser initiated applet. To fix this for my own self-amusement I now simply connect to a Cloud Server within my OSIC or Rackspace Public cloud environments and use the good old telnet command to steam my job's logs in real time.

It's super simple to do. Go to zuul, find your job, copy the link for the job you want to stream, go to cloud server and telnet to the link using its various parts.


Get the link from zuul or your favorite job monitoring client
Get the link

Login to your cloud server that has an IPv6 network and run the following:

telnet ${IPV6ADDRESS} 19885

If you're on a distro that doesn't have telnet installed by default, install it...

# Ubuntu install telnet
apt-get install -y telnet

# RHEL-ish install telnet
yum -y install telnet

Now watch the job run in all its glory.