Journey into Rackspace

A new part of my life has started over this last week. I have started at Rackspace Hosting and so far life at Rackspace has been GREAT! People at the Castle are friendly and very helpful. Rackspace is a great place to work, and working at Rackspace is an experience all by itself; it is hard to explain. The journey into Rackspace has been a good one so far, though this is journey is bitter sweet.

The person most notable for getting me to where I am today is not with me. Rosa Carter, my wife, is living in California while I live in Texas. This separation was not due to a life style separation, we are still together and will remain together, I love my wife. The decision to live apart for a while has been based on a mix of things, primarily uncertainty in taking a new job in Texas and responsibilities that cannot be let go of easily in California. Our choices have been tough, but I think the rewards will be plentiful and both Avantimorocha and I have grown during these last few months. Secondly, I am finding San Antonio to be a very nice place and Rackspace to be a wonderful culture to be a part of.

As I descend deeper into the rabbit hole I would like to have you Join me on these present endeavors, I will be posting tidbits as I learn them, and more how too's are on the way. I have dubbed this journey to be, The Journey into Rackspace... So here we go!