Fight For The Future (USA HR. 3261)

Pay Attention, and make sure this Bill FAILS

While I have never used any online content to express my Political views and or any of my thoughts on anything other than technology; HR. 3261 is a Bill that has now become a matter of dire importance.

The Bill HR. 3261 is a bill that has been called SOPA - the "Stop Online Piracy Act" - while this name sounds noble, it is a bill aimed directly at the the freedom of speech. While you can read more about the bill here, The bill can be summarized as a measure to protect copy written works by jailing and or fining anyone who uses them without obtaining an official and or sanctioned license. These stipulations would apply to anyone no matter how the works were used. Fair use would be extremely limited and or no longer allowed. If you are a site owner, have content on web sites, enjoy using the internet to watch cat videos, or showing a pictures of things you though were funny or entertaining, join me in fighting this ridiculous bill.

To Quote the site American Censorship:

"Leading civil liberties and tech policy organizations are organizing an internet-wide day of protest this Wednesday: We're dubbing it "American Censorship Day" and we'll be protesting this new legislation that would make posting to YouTube a felony and let the US government (and corporations) block Americans' access to websites."

Join Me in saying NO to the money hungry politicians and there lobbyists. Even if you are reading this from another Country that is not effected by these ridiculous political squabbles I ask for your support in spotlighting these issues so that we as a united Internet can say no to censorship.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future

Please visit, Fight for the Future, and lets make a difference in how our World is operated.