I started my career in Information Technology in a most peculiar way. The beginning of my computer exploits began on a bicycle at age ~10. I lived in Novato, and like most kids my age, I was riding my bike on a hot summer day; this is where my life would change. It was on this summer afternoon where I would meet a lady by the name of Diane Asher. She was wearing what I would realize was expected, a purple soccer uniform. She was sitting in an almost vacant building with one computer on a desk. I stumbled upon Diane and this empty establishment because of chance; it was a literal open door in an area of presumed emptiness. Diane invited me in and began to tell me her dream of a 501c nonprofit corporation run and maintained by children. I had no idea what a 501c nonprofit corporation was, nor could I understand Diane's vision; I was 10 years old. However, I did understand there was a computer and that I could play games on it, in a place where I was welcome to do so. The place where I was welcomed and would eventually call home was named The OnRamp, and at 10 years of age, it jump-started my career.

The name Peznauts is derived from my time with the OnRamp. "Peznauts" was the name the "staff" gave ourselves during an event we were running; yes, we were staffing technology events as children. We even had shirts made with the following slogan on it, "If subject does not respond to stimuli, insert pez, chocolate, and/or caffeine, then try again." We saw ourselves as explores at the forefront of the internet, the burgeoning of an interconnected society, the begging of "the cloud." I always loved the name "Peznauts," and when I decided to start this channel, I felt I needed to honor my childish past memory by resurrecting the name in honor of my fond memories.

In true Peznauts fashion, this channel has been built to explore technology, play games, laugh and have fun. If my time with the OnRamp taught me anything, it is that we're all Peznauts in one-way shape and form.

So who am I Today? I am a technologist, a master of jacks in a trade of none; I'm an engineer working in cloud computing. My passions today have evolved from my childish games like SimCity, Doom, and Duke Nukem. Should I choose to engage in a mental stimulation round, I prefer the sophistication of, Rocket league, Star Control, or Ghost of Tsushima. I generally spend my day with my head in the cloud, investigating the Linux operating system's depths, and developing software. TL;DR I'm a nerd and love being one.

Welcome to the Peznauts!