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Kevin Carter - Resume

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Description: Principal Engineer, Developer, Operator, Cloud Builder, Lover of Open Source

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I am a technologist on a mission to simplify and automate. I'm a passionate
open source advocate and cloud builder who believes in the power of the
"DevOps" movement. I am enamored by complex problems and enjoy deconstructing

Automation, in general, has been an interest of mine for a long time;
specifically the rapid deployment of applications, operating systems, and
hardware. At Rackspace, I was the founder and project technical lead for the current generation OpenStack Private Cloud. I lead a team of skilled engineers into a new technology front which allowed us to scale our solution 10x while also simplifying operations and upgrades.

I have strong interpersonal skills and tend to make lasting relationships with people I meet and work with. I have an aptitude for learning and have never encountered a technical challenge that could not be overcome. I enjoy new and unproven and I look forward to the process of discovery. It is through experience that we truly learn and every challenge is a new experience.


Extensive experience with the configuration and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

  • Fedora
  • OpenSUSE (LEAP and Tumbleweed)
  • Debian, Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Red Hat

Experienced working in large scale headless environments and have been
operating in remote datacenters for years; cloud, bare-metal, roll-in racks,

I've been hyper-focused on virtualizations, instance level networking, and
system design. The infrastructure as a service platform I'm most comfortable with is OpenStack on KVM however I've also worked extensively with XenServer.

I've also enjoyed modernizing operating system configuration using some of the new, lesser-known, capabilities of systemd. Within the OpenStack-Ansible project, I've created common roles allowing folks to configure applications and operating systems using simple playbooks which build upon the native cgroup, isolation, and memory management capabilities systemd provides.

I enjoy developing I have Experience in using I am Strong in these Languages
CLI Tools Ansible Python 3
API Interfaces Python Python 2
Process Automation Ruby BASH / Shell
Deployment Automation Javascript


Over the last few years, I've been contributing to the OpenStack project with a
focus on deployment automation. I started the OpenStack Ansible project
(formally known as Ansible-LXC-RPC). This platform was the first deployment
automation system to deploy OpenStack in production, in containers. More on the
OpenStack-Ansible project can be seen here.

Contributions in the OpenStack space
Notable tooling I've created
  • Dynamic Ansible Inventory via Teleport teleport-ansible
  • Massively scalable deployment and application delivery directord
  • CI/CD pipeline and automatic upgrade for Web3 Applications protocol-builds
  • Object store and CDN Upload, Download, and management Turbolift
  • PTR Record creation for cloud servers, PTRCreate
  • Live copy and migration of Linux servers, InstanceSync
  • Multipurpose middleware for "cloudy" applications, Cloudlib
  • Simulated multi-node cloud environments within one server, MNAIO
My public code repositories


Comfortable leading groups of technical people in customer-facing environments.
Also able to provide individualized mentoring on technical and career
development topics. Comfortable with the agile development, Scrum and Kanban,
and how it applies to fast-moving development and operations groups.


I have created projects to help disseminate technical knowledge with the hope
to help people.

  • - words of wisdom from a server administrator

I've also lead brown-bags and training sessions in both classroom and 1:1 settings.


I am comfortable mentoring and leading by example. I have lead
cohorts from different companies and backgrounds on a unified mission to build
better platforms. The group I lead in OSIC, a partnership between Rackspace and Intel, maintained an environment responsible for millions of transactions with
thousands. Our mission was to prove OpenStack at scale and contribute to the opendev and Linux foundations.

On many occasions, I've also operated in the capacity of team lead or tech lead for initiatives to deploy rapid change in a given product or platform.

Conference Talks

I've given a number of conference talks, most of which have not been recorded,
however, here are a few highlights from talks I've given where there was a


IO Award, Rackspace award for technical excellence. I am the first, and only,
Two Time Award Winner. This award is given to folks to recognize a commitment
to excellence, innovations, and substantial impact within a business unit.

Red Hat
  • Principal Engineer, Deployment Framework
  • Principal Engineer, Private Cloud
  • Software Developer V
  • Software Developer IV
  • OpenStack Project Technical Lead
  • DevOps Engineer II
  • Linux Systems Administrator
Conference Hound
  • IT & Systems Administration Analyst
  • Linux System Administrator
Pace Supply
  • Counter Sales
Certificates of Expertise and Courses
  • RHCE Rapid Track Course
  • RHCSA Rapid Track Course
  • RHCSA RedHat
  • Crucial Conversations 2016
  • Certified OpenStack Administrator
  • PCI DSS 3.1 for Developers 2016
COM-BUS Business Administration

Studied leadership and interpersonal relationships from within a corporate
structure. After completing this curriculum I received a skills certificate in
business administration.

COM-CIS Computer Information Systems

Studied information systems with a focus on Windows, networking, databases, and server administration.

Want to know more?

  • Name: Kevin Christopher Carter
  • DOB: Date of Birth: March 5, 1983 14:39:42 UTC
  • Contact:
  • Phone: 415-827-6749
  • IRC: cloudnull on
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